Straight Talk Wireless Coupons for 2016

Here are the latest discounts for Straight Talk Wireless for 2016:


      – Save 15% on your order


      – Free ground shipping (overnight)


      – Free next day air shipping.


    – Save 25% on monthly time purchase

These codes are monthly recurring. This means that you can use them over and over again as the months go by. Be sure to check out their deals and promos page. The purpose of this blog is to help the Spanish speaking community save money on their monthly bills. Being that the parent company of Straight Talk is America Movil, we would like to send an invitation to all of our Spanish speaking audience to participate in these deals and coupons for Straight Talk Wireless:

Straight Talk promo code page
This is where you enter in the promotional code.

On that image you will see multiple red arrows. The one on the far left is where you enter in the discount code you wish to use. Be sure that all conditions of the discount are met prior to clicking the “submit your order” button. If they are not then the system will reject your coupon and you will be forced to start all over again. It is critically important that you try to use multiple codes, as sometimes these codes will “stack” and you will be allowed to take advantage of multiple discounts at once. For example, you can get free overnight shipping AND the 35% discount on refurbished or re manufactured phones. These two offers will stack.

Another tip is to follow the instructions on the video below as it shows you how to find even more discounts.

Expenses don’t have to be Expensive: Straight Talk Prepaid Wireless from Henry Simons on Vimeo.

An even better way to stay on top of the various deals and promotional codes Straight Talk offers is to monitor their Twitter feed:

When looking for the greatest deals you need to be constantly vigilant. There are other deals sites that sometimes get exclusive offers which other sites do not. I recall back in January of 2015, they offered a refurbished iPhone 4 for $50. It hit the social media sites and was sold out in 15 minutes. Another suggestion is to create a Google alert for Straight Talk. If you have a smartphone, you can easily take advantage of deals offered by them even if you’re at work or school. Or you can download their app on the iTunes and Google Play store.

As the months in 2016 go by, you will begin to notice a trend in the promos that Straight Talk offers. Towards the beginning of the month, you will see such offers as free shipping and 35% off. These are the standard discounts that they offer. As the quarters end (Q1 though Q4) you will notice better and better deals. Why is this? It is simple their corporate trying to increase profits by offering substantial discounts on inventory that they have too much of.

For example, let’s pretend they purchase 1 million iPhone 5 units and projected to sell them all by the end of Q2. Now lets say that 1 week away from the end of Q2, they still have 50,000 units in stock. To the executives, this is inventory that’s costing them money by sitting on their warehouse shelves and it must be constantly moved and overturned. Therefore they tell the marketing department to sell, sell, sell. Usually it’s at a cost of 25% of the original manufacture suggested retail price. If after 1 week they have not sold all 50,000 units then they will increase the discount by 10%. At this point in time it becomes a gambling game for the informed consumer: When should you make a purchase? If you wait too long, you risk not being able to buy one because they don’t have any more in stock. If you purchase right away, then you risk losing out on an additional 10% discount if the entire stock is not sold that week.

It is advisable to look for, and join an MVNO prepaid cell phone forum. This is where like minded users come together in search of deals and promotions offered by Straight Talk. It is also advisable that you set up what’s known as “deal alerts”. These alerts send you an email or text message every time a deal that you’re looking for is posted. This can be very useful and it will prevent you from visiting the deals forum every 10 minutes to see if something new has been posted.

Whichever route you take in your search for coupons for Straight Talk, just remember: More is better. The more websites, Twitter feeds, coupon deals forums that you subscribe and belong to, the better. This way you can get a broad overview of the entire industry and make a more informed purchasing decision.